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Verbum misceo

Something I've always found unbearable when I create templates is having to fill the white spaces with "Lorem ipsum", a conventional meaningless Latin text; its aim is to let people focus on the form and the appearance (in these cases they're important, in fact!) without being distracted by the content. Now you know why, in templates and example websites, the content is a strange excerpt in an ancient language.

Following Google's Python Class, I solved an exercise in which I should create a program to mix a text basing on the order of words: the result was a text with some grammatical sense, but no logical one. Then I thought a PHP version of this program could be useful, and I created Verbum misceo.

It takes the word from a text and creates a new, pointless one, that you can paste in your templates and similar works; you can also choose the length of the text. Some suggestions:

  • You had better not choose text with too many uppercase letters, parentheses, quotation marks, inverted comas and similar punctuation. Since the program doesn't notice there's something open, it doesn't close it, and the result could look bad.
  • You shouldn't use stories, pieces of novels and so on. They contain a lot of inverted comas and similar signs.
  • Recipes, long text in reported speech should be good. They're plain and uniform.

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