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UriMail Textpattern plugin

If you're managing a Textpattern website and you want to create a _Contact_ section to let people send messages to the administrator, then you could find UriMail plugin useful.

The first reason I created it for is this site itself: I needed something to manage the _Contact me_ page, and after realizing that neither "zem_contact" plugin nor PHP mail() function were working I did everything by myself.

UriMail lets you use a Textpattern custom tag to show the form in the public side and creates a tab in the administration side where the messages can be read and deleted.

Of couse, if you want to try it you simply have to visit the Contact page on the right.

Update: on February the 8th, 2014 I uploaded the version 1.2. In this version there are some changes and bugfixes:

  • I added the possibility to change the "send" button label and the confirmation/error text.
  • Now you can see the date for each message.
  • I solved some bugs and security issues to prevent SQL injections, and dangerous database operations. A special thank to Jukka Svahn for his warnings.

Download for Textpattern 4.5

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  1. BelCanEx guy

    Thanx for the plugin. I am installing it on one of my site. I wish it had capacity to add more fields.

  2. Ejntoo

    Thank you, guy from BelCanEx. Which fields do you think UriMail should have? For a detailed message you could event send me a private mail through the contact form.

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