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Warning: this website is currently outdated: I've moved to Caverndman now!

 Latest project

I personally created StreamStation in order to easily control my downloads from my slow Internet connection. A small paradox in Internet times (but who actually says “in Internet times” any more?) is, at the same time, the cheap cost of information and the high price to access it.
This Android application provides an HTTP server you can access to by any web browser, controlling your downloads from your LAN. Setting up a port forwarding on your router, you can even access your server remotely.
Here I put a short user manual for users; The APK is avaliable on the Google Play Store.
People interested on how it works can have a look to StreamStation’s GitHub repository.

Get StreamStation on Google Play!

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 Latest template

Buglossoides screenshot

Another Joomla 2.5 template!
I think Buglossoides can be useful for documentation websites, since it composed by just four parts: a logo, a navigation bar, a search field and an article section. Obviously, it supports mobile devices thanks to media queries.
Update: on Jan 6, 2014 I uploaded a new version adding the ability to change the site name in the back end.
Download for Joomla! 2.5

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 Latest news

Is this a company website, maybe composed of a big group of designers and programmers, with a big experience in programming? Not at all. It’s rather a personal website, where a young man can publish his little creations.
Let’s make a deal: I will publish my templates and you will forgive my grammatical mistakes and give me your opinion, helping me to better myself; in the end, both of us will gain something. Note that this isn’t intended to be just an IT website (what you could have thought having a look at it), but a general collection of my works done just for fun or passion; despite this, for now it only contains three sections (templates, articles and home), what will hopefully increase.
If you want to contact me (apart from spam), feel free to use the form in the Contact me page. To let others know me, visit the Spread the virus page. The Resources & links menu contains references to site that might be useful for you to know more on my works. To directly pass to the practice, instead, switch to the Templates section, in the navigation menu.
In the About page you’ll find some more informations. For now, please have a look around pages and sections and comment!

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